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We have a huge passion for food, a love for fresh ingredients and an integral need to have our friends around us as we entertain and attempt to create the works of art that fresh ingredients have the potential to become.

With its mix of cultures and influences as well as an incredible diversity of people, South Africa has so much to offer when it comes to cuisine. Culinary influences from around the globe have found their way to South African shores. Therefore our menus are a combination of various influences and are designed with the themed function and occasion in mind. Carefully designed sample menus are presented for approval.

Meal Times

Breakfast - R80 per person07h00-08h0007h30-08h3008h00-09h00
Dinner - R150 per person
(by arrangement with reception)
Lunch Pack - R70 per person

Dinner arrangements to be made or cancelled by 12h00 on the same day as required. Dress code in the dining room to be appropriate.